Important Aspects On Choices Stories You Play Game

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Important Aspects On Choices Stories You Play Game

Pixelberry Studio has developed Choices: Stories You Play game, which brings a redefined story telling experience to pocket platforms – Android and iOS. In this game, players can choose any story which fancies them and be a part of the epic adventure that the story offers. All stories are pre- defined but the outcome of each story depends on the choices that the players make, which gives them a sense of ownership.

Below-mentioned are some of the important features of Choices: Stories You Play game, which makes it one of the most popular games on pocket platforms:

  • Nowadays, everyone wants to have everything they wish on the tips of their fingers. So, Pixelberry Studio has bought the story telling experience to your finger tips with the Pocket version of the game.
  • The game can be downloaded on 2 different platforms i.e. Android and iOS. Even the phones with low hardware and software configurations can run the game without any lag or problems.
  • It is a free to play game, which means any person who is having an account with play store or iTunes can download it free of cost. The game also features in-game purchases but that is completely optional. This means that it is totally up to players if they wish to purchase the in-game items or play the game without them.
  • It offers the users with an option to choose from wide variety of stories, which are further classified into different genres. This shows that the game has different stories to offer for players of different age groups.
  • It is not mandatory for the player to choose only one story at a time; they can simultaneously play multiple stories and track their progress in each of them. Each time a player starts a new story, all the progress made in the previous stories are automatically saved and can be resumed any time a players desires.
  • Players can compete with their friends and other players across the globe as the game allows them to connect to social networking websites. Players can also view their friends’ profile, which includes stories they have played, their progress in each story, stories they have recommended, etc.
  • The game allows the players to be the master of their own fate; they can mould the story as per their own will depending on the choices which they make. Also, the choice mechanism offered in the game is excellent and leads to different endings when the story is played multiple times; each time making different choices. For example, in the game Endless Summer, player can choose to date anyone whom they want to – Jake, Sean, Quinn or Estela.
  • The game offers lots of adventurous stories where new episodes are added frequently. They are also coming up with new interesting stories for their ever increasing fan base.

All these awesome features have made Choices: Stories You Play game one of the most popular story telling simulation game available online and if you also combine our Choices Stories You Play Hack tool it will totally be the best game ever!.

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One thought on “Important Aspects On Choices Stories You Play Game

  1. You guys are amazing! I love this game but after playing several stories just to save diamonds (only to realise 135 diamonds would hardly get me through 5 chapters) I’d become disenfranchised with it. I’m still waiting for the hack to work, but once it does I can’t wait to play the stories over and over again! Thank you so much for making this possible, you rock!

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