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Earn Loads Of Keys And Diamonds By Using Our Choices Stories You Play Hack!

Choices: Stories You Play is an entertaining online game with several short stories to read and play. However, you will require huge amount of Keys and Diamonds to read new chapters of the stories. If you want to acquire both these currencies in large amounts then keep reading this article!


Keys are the primary currency of the game that is required for unlocking a new chapter of the story. Once you have completed reading a chapter, you will need Keys to proceed to the next part of the story.

How To Acquire Keys?

Keep waiting until you acquire a Key. If you have less than two keys in the game, a timer begins and you will be able to receive a key after 3 hours.

Keys can also be bought by spending Diamonds; the premium in-game currency.

Complete various missions in the game and earn Keys as rewards.

You can earn Keys by reaching new levels of the game.

Connecting with friends on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook will let you earn Keys.

Acquire innumerable amount of Keys by making use of our smart Choices Stories You Play Hack 2019. Our tool will let you generate infinite amount of Keys within a few seconds. So, no more waiting for three hours!


Diamonds are the special currency of the game that is used for unlocking premium stories, numerous beautiful clothes, items, etc. To buy an outfit, you will require 25 Diamonds and to continue with an adventure, you will need 20 Diamonds.

How To Acquire Diamonds?

You can earn Diamonds by completing a story in the game. However, you cannot earn them for playing the same story again. So, earning them is a tough task.

You can buy Diamonds by spending real money. Always buy combo offers as purchasing both currencies together will let you save some money.

If you want to acquire unlimited amount of Diamonds with a few clicks of the mouse then start using our Choices Stories You Play Hack right now!

Why Should You Use Our Choices Stories You Play Cheats 2019?

Our Choices: Stories You Play Hack is a safe and reliable tool as it is free of viruses and crashes. With the help of our cheats, you will be able to generate innumerable amount of Keys as well as Diamonds. The inbuilt proxy feature of our tool will keep your gaming character hidden from the search engines. This will ensure that you do not get suspended from the game.

Our hack is compatible to be used on all Android and iOS devices. No need to jailbreak or root your device for using our tool. The built in auto-update feature will automatically keep the tool updated. You can make use of our hack and cheat codes from the remotest part of the world as it is a globally working program. A new gamer or first time hack user can also make use of our tool without facing any difficulties. Millions of gamers have already used our hack and acquired plenty of currencies.

To conclude, if you want to generate loads of in-game currencies in the game by using a safe and trustworthy hack then make use of our Choices Stories You Play Cheats now. Our hack will surely boost your gameplay!

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