Choices Stories You Play Guide

Choices Stories You Play Diamonds And Keys Guide!

Hello guys, if you are reading this page, you have probably used our Choices Stories You Play Cheats ! If you still didn’t get the resources, just calm down and after 24 hours try again, because most people succeed only on the second try. While you are waiting for the resources to be generated we though that it would be cool if we share some nice and useful Tips and Tricks how to get Diamonds and Keys for free! So here is our gift to you guys :

Diamonds and Keys Guide


Choices: Stories You Play is a entertaining online game, which contains several short and interesting stories that can be controlled by you. Some of the stories that you will come across in the game are – The Freshman, Most Wanted, Love hacks, Endless Summer, The Crown and the Flame, etc. Whichever story you select to play, the in-game currencies will remain the same.

Procuring Keys and Diamonds:

Keys and Diamonds are the main currencies but procuring them is difficult and they are available in a limited quantity.

  • To read a chapter you will require a Key. If you are falling short of Keys, you can earn it by ‘waiting’ in the game. When you have less than 2 Keys, a timer begins and you will receive another Key after 3 hours.
  • You can either wait for 3 hours to get the Key or purchase them by spending real money for reading few chapters in a day.
  • Keys can also be earned as rewards by completing missions in the game.
  • As soon as you complete a story in the game, you will earn Diamonds. So, the best way to procure Diamonds is by playing the game often. However, you cannot earn Diamonds for playing the same story again.
  • Diamonds can be used for unlocking premium stories or fancy clothing. You will require 25 Diamonds for purchasing an outfit, 20 Diamonds for keeping an adventure going on rather than returning to the ship, and so on.


The only way to earn Diamonds in the game is by completing a chapter. The concept of Choices: Stories You Play is really fun but it’s an expensive game as you end up spending loads of real-world money for buying the in-game currencies. Instead, you can make use of our Choices: Stories You Play Diamonds and Keys guide and try to earn both currencies in the authentic way.